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Our Inspirtation

Nothing is as fulfilling as bringing someones idea to life through a passion for crafts. At Serena's we make holiday and party crafts that will add the "special" to you occasion. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us, as we will bring your vision to life.

A Custom Approach

Serena's isn't just a place to shop, here we create. Let us turn your idea into reality with a custom approach that meets your needs. More color, no problem! Less glitter, sure! Or maybe we will just work from the ground up.

Our Team

Hobbyists, crafters, makers, artists, call us what you will, Whether it is a messy stained mug, or something a little more delicate, we are people who love to create beautiful things. And we would love to see what you are making! Please sure to leave a comment with a picture of a custom craft of your own.

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